2 in 1 Mini Slide Heat Sealer Portable Capper Food Saver Household Handheld Sealing Packing Machine for Various Plastic Bags

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1. The dried fruit tea after opening is generally only eaten a small portion at a time. Snacks cannot be eaten at a time. These products are easy to be damp, and become soft after being damp, which will affect the taste. Throwing away will cause food waste, especially snacks, biscuits and other puffed foods. 2. Since the freshly packaged fruits have different shapes and are not easy to tie, a sealing machine is needed, which can keep the fruits fresh and mildew-proof with only a little space. 3. You can’t eat in time when you are outdoors, in traffic jams, or working overtime. If you want to eat some snacks, it is inconvenient to hold it in your hand. It is not convenient to put it in your car or office for fear of attracting rats and insects. 4. The sealing machine has a good sealing effect, which is equivalent to not opening the package at all after heat sealing, and the sealing clip cannot completely isolate the air. 5. After the washed fruits are bundled, there is still no way to prevent the water fro