304 throat hoop stainless steel throat hoop clamp grip hoop clamp clamp clamp hoop

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The throat hoops are carried from steel to the lock, all made of high-quality 304 stainless steel,Specification stamp logo, highlighting the quality (except small),The throat hoop has a wide range of applications, buttons and pressure resistance, firm locking, durable and tight,Complete specifications, refuse to cut corners from real materials, smooth surface without thorns, no scraping hands.,
Model. :6-12,10-16,13-19,16-25,19-29,14-27,18-32,21-38,21-44,27-51,33-57,40-63,46-70,52-76,59-82,65-89,72-95,78-101,84-108,91-114,105-127,118-140,130-152,141-165,155-178,175-197,194-216,213-235,232-254,251-273 ,270-292,289-311,270-350,320-400,350-450,400-500,450-550,500-600,550-650
Specifications:Type II
Scope of Application: 6-12mm
Nominal Diameter: 6
Series: 304 Throat Hoop, 201 Hoop, Semi-Steel Hoop, 316 Hoop
Material: Stainless Steel