4 water pipe pure copper water joint nipple type water gun special quick joint garden tool joint

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Can be connected to the inner diameter of 11-12mm - outer diameter 14-16mm, "4 minutes of copper quick connection 4 points of copper through the water connection" refers to this product.
Made of high-quality pure copper material to reduce the life problem caused by the material gap, it is durable
Wide range of use, easy to fix, fast installation speed and not easy to fall off
Seiko quality, clear and smooth threads, easy installation
Can be used for the connection of water hoses, the link is convenient and does not leak
"Model: 4-point joint
Scope of application: Nipple type water gun 4 water pipe connection joint
specifications: 4 points copper through water connection
name: 4 points copper through water
connection type: lock type
Weight: 78 g
Material: brass"