Adult Lightsaber Force Fx Sound Of Metal Sabre Real Neo Pixel Sabres Dueling Anakin Darksaber

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Rugged wear: Metal handle, comfort: wear-resistant PC blades, uniform light transmission and percussion resistance: high-quality materials that make lightsabers more durable and durable.Custom Colors: Toy Sword has 11 colors that you can customize and have different experiences.Comfortable sound: good movie sound, pure and comfortable sound quality, volume level can be adjusted, with mute function.Easy to use: The total length of the lightsaber is 85 cm, the height is 21 cm, and the blade is 64 cm. (In some areas, the transport length is limited to a total length of 80 cm, a height of 21 cm, and a blade of 58 cm) the blade is removable and easy to install.Note: Use your computer's USB port to charge or output the 5V1A adapter. If you use a mismatched charging device, it will shorten the life of the sword or damage the toy sword."null"