Double Wheel Booth Children hair smooth round shoes CD06 pink double wheel charging

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You can charge via a USB cable with the charging port located behind the velcro.
These roller skates can also be worn as regular sneakers, which are very comfortable and stylish.
The stunning LED light design makes the soles of sneakers illuminate the color and make them even cooler.

"Thickness: Ordinary thick goods number: CD888 whether there is a light: there is a suitable sport: roller skating color: K02 pink, K02 gold, K02 silver, K02 black, K03 pink, K03 gold, K03 silver, CD06 pink two-wheel charger, CD03 pink two-wheel charger, CD03

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Charging Product Category: Rampage
Shoe Wheel Type: Double
Wheel Material: Pu
Wheel Size: 35,36,38,40,41,42,37,34,28,29,30,32,33,31,39