gengyouyuan Double Sword Super Combo Set (Double Sword Combo)

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This is a set of any two lightsabers. Connect the tails of the two lightsabers together through a connector. Combine into a super lightsaber. Can be separated or combined.Its function and color depend on the style you choose. (Please leave a message through the message when purchasing, tell me the color combination you want) We will randomly send red and green when no message is received.FX movie sound effects: Simulate the sound of the movie, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of battle. Sound and lighting effect feedback during duel.Aluminum handle: When you hold it, its smooth metal handle will make you feel excited. When you volatil it, it's like a real sword.Glowing Blade: When you turn on the light button, you will feel the real fighting feeling that will change during the battle. High-quality PC blade, supports real duel, flashes when colliding."



Disassembly: detachable