Heating Warm Cup Mat Constant Temperature Coaster 3 Gear Digital Display Adjustment Timing Heater for Coffee Milk Tea

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1. Constant temperature and heat preservation, uniform heating, rapid heating, one key operation and three-level temperature adjustment, so as to keep your drinks warm and facilitate you to enjoy hot drinks anytime and anywhere.
2. The groove design can firmly fix your bottle to prevent accidental slipping and overturning.
3. Silent operation, give you a warm and refreshing drink in cold winter without disturbing your work and sleep.
4. Suitable for cups of various materials, such as glass, milk cup, plastic cup, ceramic cup, etc., to meet your different needs.
5. 8-hour intelligent automatic shutdown function can ensure your safety even if you forget to shut down.
6. The small and exquisite coaster is easy to carry. It is suitable for families, offices, hotels, dormitories and other places to make your life easier.
Material: ABS + metal + electronic components
Color: green and white
Size: 12 * 1.5 * 2.3cm
Weight: 125g
Package size: 14.5 * 12 * 2.