Lightsaber Ghost Premium Double Moul Force FX 16 Colors Changing Black Series Light Saber for Adults, Support Real Heavy Dueling (Set of 2)

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1.FX movie sound: It simulates the sound in movies to make you enjoy the thrill of battle.
2.Aluminum handle: When you hold it, it will make you feel excited because of its smooth metal handle.;When you wave it, it is like a real saber.
3. Glowing blade: When you turn on the light button, you will feeling more realistic sense of combat that it will change as you fight.
4. High quality PC blade,support real dueling
5.FOC: Flash on Crash. Sound and light effect feedback when dueling knocking.
Material of hilt: Aluminium alloy 6061
Material of blade:Can removable PC Poly Carbonate
Size of hilt:26cm
Size of blade:1.5mm thickness 78cm long OD22mm
Sound:Three set loud sound fonts plus mute function
Light: 5watts YDD LED plus 1watts YDD LED
Battery:2000mahLithium battery
Color of hilt: like picture
Color of blade: provided 16 colors changing
Warranty: One year
1.Children under 5years old no playing!
2.Good quality 2AMP wall charger can charge fast.
3.This product is a LED luminous toy. Long time direct vision may affect your eyesight.
4.Not waterproof. Please charge the saber at least one time of each month.