Ghost Premium Double Moul Force FX 16 Color Changing Black Series Adult Lightsaber for True Heavy Dueling (Set of 2)

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Note: Charging voltage: 5 V 1 A 1, 16 color change LED light cable: 9 W LED lamp, you can choose a color you want; the color-changing style refers to the sword body can change a variety of bright colors, can change 11 kinds of bright colors. (Purple light, yellow light, red light, green light, blue light ...)Sturdy Metal Hilt: The lightsaber hilt is made of metal aluminum, fashion design and perfect size, which feels well built in the hand!16 Color Changing: RGB version, support 16 colors to switch, to satisfy you to have all your loving colors.Strong Removable Blade: The glowing blade is made of high-impact PC,Support heavy real Dueling.Included in packing: USB charging cord*1, Light saber*1. One month quality warranty ."Feature 1.FX movie sound: It simulates the sound in movies to make you enjoy the thrill of battle. 2.Aluminum handle: When you hold it, it will make you feel excited because of its smooth metal handle.;When you wave it, it is like a real saber. 3. Glowing blade: When you turn on the