Lightsaber Replica Toy for Kids Metal Handle USB Charging Removable Real Experience Lightsaber Dueling

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1. A VARIETY OF STYLES -- Lightsaber with 7 colours to choose from. Monochrome version:5W lamp beads, one color, a set of sound effects + mute function;RGB color changing version:9W lamp beads, about 16 colors can be changed, 3 sets of sound effects + mute function.
2. REAL EXPERIENCE OF LIGHTSABER -- lightsaber handle is made of metal, handle length is 10 inches. Stylish design and perfect size, feel good! At the same time, the metal handle makes it more durable, stronger and more realistic. When you hold it, its smooth metal touch will make you feel excited. When you swing it, it is like a real sword, and it allows you to experience a real martial arts scene.
3. EXCELLENT SOUND EFFECTS -- Simulate movie sound, let you enjoy the thrill of fighting. The sound was harsh and loud, with crashing and sparkling sounds.
4. RUGGED REMOVABLE LUMINOUS BLADE -- The luminous blade is made of a high-impact PC with a blade length of (Optional) inches. When you turn on the lighting button, you will feel the real