Suspenders-lace panels for sexy lingerie

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The lace fabric of this slimming underwear is breathable and comfortable, smooth and soft, and not easy to pull.
The stretchy fabric on the abdomen compresses the belly fat and controls the abdomen in a targeted way, creating a smoother curve for you to look more radiant on a variety of occasions.
The lace design at the hips of this thong women's jumpsuit is cool and breathable, so it won't feel stuffy even when worn all day.
The underwear of this backless shapewear are made of pure cotton to take care of women's fragile skin.
This women's corset lingerie will become your beautiful secret weapon, and once you try it, you can be your own queen forever.
Item No.: yi 18903 Fabric
Name: Polyester
Color: White, Black Main
Fabric Ingredient Content: 10
Package Form: Single Entry
Main Fabric Composition: Polypropylene
Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
Applicable Gender: Female
Age Group: Youth (18-40 years old)
Style Details: Lace
Role Play: Cute Girl Type
Style: Jumpsuit
Error range: 10