16-color RGB Variable Lightsaber, Force FX Heavy Duel Toy, for Children's Gifts Cosplay Props

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Light effect mode: RGB color version (16 color variations), multiple light effect modes, including flame mode, full brightness mode, breathing mode, heartbeat mode, flash mode, sword flash mode, multiple modes for you to choose.Sound effect mode: each laser sword has 3 sets of sound effects, switching sound effects, standby (background) sound effects, spelling sound effects, waving sound effects, percussion sound effects, switching sound effects, low battery sound effects, charging sound The effect, the real analog movie sound quality belt, brings you an immersive experience.High-quality materials: The laser handle is made of frosted metal, with a delicate, smooth and light weight. I think sword dance is more natural and smooth. The hollow streamer design enhances the beauty of the entire sword. Cool colors make you shine.Lightsaber specifications: the handle is 11.31 inches, the blade is 27.69 inches, and the total length is 39 inches. The blade can be removed; 9W bright battery; battery capacity 1000mAh; no