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This is the latest version. It can withstand normal weight, improve blood circulation, stay healthy, and strengthen joints and bones. The lining has antibacterial, sweat-absorbing and deodorizing properties.

It is available to both adolescents and adults, reducing the effect on joints by 80%. Adults can burn more calories and get fiter. For children, it is beneficial to promote blood circulation and bone growth, which in turn is conducive to growth.

It's easy for them to keep their balance, whether it's jogging, running or even walking, and shoes can overcome gravity and have fun every step of the way. Soon they will travel around the moon like astronauts. Burning calories, strengthening your body, coordinating your body and strengthening your leg muscles are all easy.

Spring has good support and pressure resistance, good bounce ability, can effectively burn calories, to achieve the effect of weight loss exercise. Burn more than three times as many calories per hour.

Buckle using modified TPU material, buckle according to the size of the foot different, simple and effective, do not worry about foot injury. The sheet is made of TPR material and is flexible, non-slip and wear-resistant. It provides maximum stability and control when moving.

Youth bounce sports boots
Putting it on for a run will give you a feeling of long space, and all your worries will be wiped away and you will be at ease. Wear it when traveling outdoors, it is convenient for diving, wild appearance, relieve fatigue, and enjoy happiness. Wearing it to play basketball, you can immediately realize your dream of becoming Jordan. In society, it will dance hip-hop, allowing you to fully show your extraordinary dancing skills, cooler and more fashionable, and people will cheer you; wearing it can play with your companions, not only can enhance the relationship with each other, but also create more Many different new ways to play; girls wearing it can not only keep fit, but also burn calories quickly and play a role in losing weight.
Vibration damping device (elastic spring)
Easy to use after putting on shoes, suitable for your weight and foot length
In this way, adults can burn more calories and get better fitness. For children, it is beneficial to promote blood circulation and bone growth, which in turn helps to grow taller.
There are 5 sizes of shoes:
L, weight 50kg-70kg (110lbs-154lbs); foot length: 23cm-24cm
XL, weight 70kg-90kg (154lbs-198lbs); foot length: 24.5cm-26cm
XXL, weight 90kg-110kg (198lbs-243lbs); foot length: 26.5cm-28.5cm
It has durable hard shell boots and a comfortable removable lining, which can be machine washed
The spring has good support and compression resistance, good bounce ability, can effectively consume calories, and achieve the effect of weight loss exercise
Large screws are used to firmly fix the shoes on the shell, which is extremely stable
The buckle is made of TPU material
The trumpet has two buckles
Large has three buckles