Children's roller skates 【8 rounds of flash Single shoes and protective gear】

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Crafted from high-quality materials, the shape is completed by sewing, injection and die-casting processes, making the upper more wrap-in.
The fastening material of the fastener is made of nylon material with greater abrasion resistance and fits snugly against the ankle.
The wheel bearings are made of chrome steel and meet the professional ABEC-7 standard for smoother roller skating.
Roller skating is popular for all ages, making it an ideal pair of roller skates and kids will be delighted to receive this high-quality gift.

"Product category: Roller Skate Color: Blue [Single Shoes + Protector], Black [Single Shoes + Protector], Red [Single Shoes + Protector], Pink [Single Shoes + Protector], Blue [Shoes + Protector + Helmet Backpack], Black [Shoes + Protector + Helmet Backpack], Red [Shoes + Protector + Helmet Backpack], Pink Single Shoes, Black Single Shoes, Red Single Shoes, Pink Single Shoes, Blue [Shoes + Protector + Helmet + Three-Layer Backpack],
Black [Shoes + Protector + Helmet + Three-Layer Backpack], Red [Shoes + Protector + Helmet + Three-Layer Backpack], Pink [Shoes + Protector + Helmet + Three-Layer Backpack] Wheel Type: Single Row Size: S (27-32) No Flash, M (33-37) No Flash, L (38-41) No Flash, S (27-32) 8 Wheel Flash,

M (33-37) 8 Wheel Flash, L (38-41) 8 Wheel Flash
For Children: Yes
Category: Roller Skates"