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A chest strap can help protect your dog from stability losses caused by joint injury, arthritis, hind legs, or joint weakness. Allows you to lift your dog without bending down. It is a good alternative to traditional dog suspender brackets when supporting the dog's hind legs. You can easily lift your dog's hind legs and protect your dog's back when doing so.
Only the unique design of the rear seat belt brings the hips and abdomen together, rather than applying pressure to just one area. Lift via rubber handles or weight-lifting belts.
Easy to use, to help your dog climb stairs or help your dog get into your car, you just need to place the suspender under the dog's chest or near the hips or hind legs and close the top safety handle to secure it. It only takes a few seconds to loosen the belt buckle and place the harness on the dog's hind legs, then buckle and resize. The padded handle is easy to carry and comfortable.

Item No.: PD60032
Product Category: Dog Hind Leg Auxiliary Belt
Color: Blue
Retractable: No
Material: Sandwich Mesh + PU
Specifications (Length * Width): S, M, L, XL
Category: Pet Chain Ring, Rope Belt"