Fat Burning Abdominal Muscle Stimulator Muscle Stimulator Trainer

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[Updated EMS technology] Through the updated EMS technology, the current stimulus is converted into a signal and sent directly to the muscles. Simply put them on the abdominal muscles, abdomen, arms, legs, etc., you can immediately feel the muscles awake and beating constantly inside, and you can keep the muscles burning after exercise. If you are looking for a safer and more effective way to exercise, try using a muscle stimulator. [Portable and efficient] Lightweight, no wires, detachable, skin-friendly. What more can you ask for? It can be used freely at home, at work or during travel, and the fat content will drop unknowingly. Do work, housework or raising children take up most of your time so that you can't make time for exercise? Wearing them, you can exercise even while watching TV. You deserve a personalized massage service. [MULTI-SITE TRAINING] The muscle stimulator is made of soft PU material and highly conductive gel sheet; including abdominal pads and arm pads, multi-site physical training, abdo