Fx Lightsaber Toy Saber Force Sound Sword, with 3 Kinds of Sound Effects, USB Rechargeable Metal Handle (Black Handle And Red Blade)

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Three sets of sound effects of FX movie: Simulate the sound of movie, let you enjoy the thrill of fighting. Sound and lighting effect feedback during the duel. The lightsaber has three different sound fonts, the sound is very strong and loud, and it is also equipped with flashing percussion sounds and mixer sounds.Convenient USB connector charging: Devices with USB ports (AC adapter, PC, laptop, car charger) output 5V1A power to charge the laser sword.Metal aluminum handle light sword and sturdy duel lightsaber blade: The handle of the saber is made of aluminum metal, polished beautifully, and feels comfortable to hold. High-quality PC blade supports real duels, flashes when colliding, and looks like a real sword when swinging.Multiple modes: Each set has the sound effect of switching on and off, the vibration of switching on and off, the vibration of switching, the sound effect of standby (background), the effect of sword, the sound effect, the sound effect, the sound effect of switching, the low power sound