Lightsaber Double-Headed Lightsaber with Sound Effect Lightsaber Flash Double-Edged Sword Toy Blade92CM handle45CM

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High-quality materials & exquisite appearance: The blade is made of PC material, which is environmentally friendly, transparent and durable. The all-metal handle is treated with high-quality oxidation to make the handle shiny and bright, and the ergonomic design makes your sword dance more smooth and naturalTwo styles: one style is fixed monochromatic light, that is, the blade has only one fixed color. One style is variable light RGB, which can change 16 colors. The lamp beads of the two styles shine evenly, no matter which style you choose will give you a good experienceHigh-quality sound effects: The sound quality is rich and powerful. One-click opening of sound effects is convenient and practical. It restores the true sound effects of the movie and lets you fight alongside your favorite heroes. With 3 sets of sound effects: each set has switching sound, standby sound (background sound), sword sound and wave soundHigh cost performance: From the optimization of a large number of parts to large-scale componen