Massage Gun Fascia Gun Slimming Body Muscle Relaxation for Neck Back Foot Leg Shoulder Massager Massage Gun Percussion

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Feature: 1.99 gears, 0-19 gears to wake up muscles, 20-39 gears relaxing massage, 40-59 gears to relieve soreness, 60-79 gears professional massage, 80-99 gears deep physiotherapy. 2. The button type has 4 massage heads, namely U-shaped head, buffer head, flat head and spherical head. The LCD touch model has 8 massage heads, which are shovel head, U-shaped head, buffer head, flat head, spherical head, ring head, bullet head, and cylindrical head. (It can relieve soreness in the legs, back, neck and shoulders). 3.10 hours of long-lasting battery life, the daily battery life in low gear mode can reach 8-10 hours, and it continues to provide stable power. 4. In order to protect the bones and muscles, we have specially designed an intelligent protection mode, which will automatically stop after 15 minutes of work to avoid massage damage caused by long-term use. 5. You can warm up before exercise to stimulate muscle vitality, and you can recover from fatigue and aches after exercise. 6. The LCD touch type has 8 p