Men Motorcycle Gloves Leather Motocross Riding Gloves Vintage Black Bike Gloves Cycling Protective Gear Summer Winter

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1. High quality cowhide is selected, which is of high quality. Soft, breathable, wear-resistant and tensile resistant; Fashionable and durable.
2. Elaborate design and exquisite production.
3. Conform to ergonomic design, thicken the joints of fingers and back of hand, and strengthen the protection of back of hand during movement.
4. Support all capacitive screen mobile phones, media players and tablets on the market.
5. Shockproof, waterproof and windproof.
6. It feels smooth and gives you a comfortable feeling of wearing close to your skin.
There is no residue at the hole
Leather texture is clean and tidy, and safe wrist closure can hold the gloves in place
Integrated finger joint armor protection
Expand gusset plate to improve overall flexibility
Softer leather sticker