Mini Fascia Gun Muscle Meridian Relaxation Massage Guns Type-C Rechargeable Fitness Apparatus Massager Sports Health Equipment

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describe: Accelerate the deep relaxation of the fascia gun, relieve muscle stiffness, and improve post-exercise pain. High-speed noise reduction motor, strong power, low noise and vibration; using high-power motor, bring strong surging power; 3200 rpm high-speed impact, relieve muscle soreness after exercise. Intelligent mute chip, driven by the craftsman's core, high-efficiency mute; imported, short-circuit overload protection, fast response to instructions. Button touch adjustment, control 6-speed transmission; up to 6-speed vibration intensity adjustment, which can easily cope with various use conditions and meet the needs of different groups of people. High-efficiency lithium battery, built-in pressure feedback system, to ensure intelligent and lasting output power. Depending on the part, the time to use the massage gun is also different. In order to avoid long massage time and damage to the muscles and bones of the same part, the fascia gun is equipped with intelligent timing protection, which will