Natural Jade Roller Scraping Facial Massager

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Things to know before shopping: Jade is something that grows naturally. There are inevitably cotton, wrinkles, and lines in the middle of the jade. These are not defects. Natural jade is more or less flawed. This product is handmade from natural jade. Each piece is different from the other in color, texture, shape and thickness. Please understand before buying. If you have any questions, please contact us as soon as possible, thank you! about that product: * Enjoy a natural health massage-the jade scraping board is made of 100% natural jade. Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle line, reduce dark circles, improve skin and health, without any chemicals or irritants. * Gua Sha Jade-a very good Gu Sha jade scraping tool, very suitable for use on the body, very helpful to relieve stress, always with a relaxed and elegant mood. Gua Sha therapy: Invigorate blood and remove blood stasis, warm the middle and relieve pain, and clear the body. According to the theory of Chinese medicine, Gua Sha can stimulate the immune syste