Tumbler teasing cat swinging leaking ball to feed pet dog toy

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"Available in five colors, this is a multifunctional missing food toy for cats and dogs. Without electric drive, it can
Self movement during pet play.
This product is a multifunctional pet toy for cats and dogs.
This product does not need electric drive, and pets will move by themselves when touched gently.
The toy adopts a self weight balance system, which will not be overturned by the pet no matter how it shakes.
Missing food toy function: the toy will leak snacks during the swing process, which increases the interest of the toy.
Delaying pet eating can also protect pet's gastrointestinal health.
Unscrew the transparent shell part of the product to put cat food, dog food and pet snacks into the toy body. When the toy body swings back and forth under the action of external forces such as pet fiddling and pushing, snacks will leak out to attract the pet's attention