JUMPNORD Bounce Shoes Quick Jump Force Iii Generation Pro4T Spring Jump Shoes Bouncer Fitness Boots,GreenandblackL-36/38yards4T(50-90)KG

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Bouncy shoes for kids: like mini trampolines for feet, children can challenge gravity and have fun outdoors. Ideal for energetic kids who like to run and jump, add an extreme element to a hopper course or pretend to be an astronaut.DURABLE MATERIALS: Adjustable hard plastic boot cover and high tension springs are designed to last many seasons of active play.Adjustable and easy to wear: so easy to put on and take off - two buckles and straps on each boot ensure a tight and secure fit, and the length of the boot is easily adjustable by pressing a button.Easy to clean: The two-part lining is removable for easy cleaning.SOLAR SAFE: The bottom of these boots is covered with non-slip treads that will not scratch floors, making them a great way to actively play indoors and outdoors."Bouncer
size: Powdered L-36/38 yards 4T (50-90) KG,
White XL-39/41st 4T (70-110) KG,
White XXL-42/44 yards 4T (90 -130) KG,
green and white L-36/38 yards 4T (50-90)KG,
green and white XL-39/41 yards 4T (70-110) K