JUMPNORD Reinforced Jump Shoes Fitness Sports Bounce Boots Bounce Shoes Silver violet XXL-43/45

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FUN AND FIT - Exercise in a new type of style, working out your core and glutes while protecting your ankles and knees.
QUALITY CHECK - Each boot is checked rigorously and bottom shells are weight tested by a hydraulic press to accurately test weight pressure.
QUALITY MATERIALS - Vegan and animal free leather, non-staining, tear resistant. Compound reinforced rubber winter tire graded rubber. Hand stitched mesh and inner shoe lining with increased breathability, sweat reduction and comfortability. Hardened and pressed plastic polymer for greater structural integrity.
LOW IMPACT & HEALTH ADVANTAGE - Individuals with arthritis, muscle injury, degenerative joint/muscle tissue will benefit the most, the low impact on joints will provide you with continuous physical activity without causing pain, injury or continued damage to your joints/tissues
CUSTOMIZABLE WEIGHT - Our boots come in customized weight settings to help you reach your max performance, bounce, jump and comfort level.
"Applicable scenarios: running, fitness equipment, fitness and body, sports trends, extreme challenge
Product category: bouncing device / bouncing shoes
Maximum load-bearing: 110kg model and carrying capacity: 37/39 (L) size, shoe weight 2.8kg/pair, (corresponding to 50kg-70kg),
40/42 (XL) size, shoe weight 3.5kg/pair, (corresponding to 70kg-90kg),
43/45 (XXL) Size, shoe weight 3.7kg/pair, (corresponding to 90kg-110kg).
Q: What if I order boots that fit 50-70 kg, but the shoe size is too small for me to wear boots?
A: Please choose your shoes according to your weight first. The shoe size is an adjustable range.
Q: I weigh 77kg and my shoe size is EUR38, what size boots do I need to buy?
A: The weight and size should be within the range and size of the shoe carrying. Please understand if the shoe size is larger than the foot but within the weight range. Shoes can be adjusted by adding insoles and shoe covers. The shoe itself can also have an adjustment range.
When choosing the model (principle) of jumping shoes, two indicators need to be taken into account at once: body weight and foot length. If a model does not include these two indicators, choose a shoe in larger size.
For example:
If your foot weight value is greater than your actual weight. Please choose shoes according to the range of your feet.
If the weight value for your foot type is less than your actual weight. Please choose shoes according to your weight range.