1.5-5X20 Hunting Outdoor Gun Aiming Dense Point Line Differentiation Internal Support Adjust Short Rifle Optics Scope

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"Product parameters
Magnification: 1.5-5x
Objective lens caliber: 20mm
Eyepiece caliber: 32mm
Pipe diameter: 25.4mm
Product length: 230mm
Product width: 45mm
Product height: 45mm
Weight: 300g
Outer tube color: black
Number of parallax correction codes: 100YDS
Effective adjustment range in the horizontal direction: (+ -80MOA)
Effective adjustment range in height direction: (+ -80MOA)
Card wipe value: 1 / 4MTL
Card wipe adjustment method: manual adjustment
Exit pupil distance: 86 -110mm
Field of view value: 13.3 °-4。
Quick adjustment eyepiece vision adjustment range:(-3> + -2)