172-Piece Auto Repair Socket Set Tool Large, Medium And Small Car Repair Tool Set

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The 172-piece socket combines the most popular sockets, wrenches and hexagonal wrenches for easy use. Also includes the most common screwdriver bits.This socket wrench set is made of high-quality chrome vanadium alloy, which is strong and durable. The fully polished chrome finish provides corrosion protection.Easy to store and carry, these household tools are neatly stored in a sturdy box. After finishing the work, you can easily store it and keep the tools organized so that you can take them anywhere.It is easy to distinguish each socket has a size mark, which is convenient for distinguishing and choosing the right one before use. The complete set of sleeves, drivers and drill bits are equipped with a solid storage blow molding box with designated slots, which can put all tools together, neat and clean, without losing any tools.It is widely used. The precision-machined drill tip ensures accurate dimensions, and the bevel drill tip can be easily fitted into the tool holder. The design of the stop ball on the