3-12X40 AOE Scope Hunting Optical Sight Red Green llluminate Airsoft Accessories Turret Lock Riflescope For Hunting

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"Product parameters
Magnification Stated: 3.2x-8.57
Eye relief: 102-82
Field Of View (Angle): 6.1*-2.3°
Field Of View (Feet): 32.05'-12.04'
Resolution Center (Axis): 4.91"
Diopter compensation: -2.5 +2
Click Value I Click: 1/4
Windage Elevation (Up Down): 30
Windage Elevation (Right Left): 30
Coating: green
Main Body (Tube) Diameter: 25.4
Color Finish: black
Objective Effective Diameter: 40
Ocular lens effective diameter: 32
Water Proof: ok
Fog Proof: -20°C-+50°C
Shock Proof: S1. 5'