3/6Pcs Cobalt Drill Bit Set Spiral Screw Metric Composite Tap Drill Bit Tap Twist Drill Bit Set Cutting Drilling Polishing Tools

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1: The six most commonly used sizes to meet your work needs. The drill is suitable for most electric drills on the market, suitable for drilling and slotting, and suitable for materials such as wood, soft metals, thin aluminum plates, and thin iron plates. 2: The fully ground spiral groove design can quickly reduce friction and heat, thereby achieving faster and cooler drilling performance. The straight shank has a 135-degree split point to prevent walking and make drilling more accurate and faster. No center punch is required. 3: Suitable for cutting hard metals, such as stainless steel, steel and cast iron, as well as wood, aluminum alloy and other softer metals, including ceramic tiles, concrete, ceramic tiles, bricks, wood, plastics, glass, masonry, etc. The product has sharp edges and high drilling efficiency. The product center has sharp serrations, with its help, the drill can continue to drill horizontally after drilling. High-speed steel drill bit, stable and durable Easy to install, suitable fo