Air Humidifier Eliminate Static Electricity Clean Air Care for Skin Nano Spray Technology Mute Design 7 Color Lights Car Office

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1. Multifunctional: humidifier and air purifier. Increase air humidity and reduce dust and bacteria. Moisturize your skin and make you feel like spa.
2. Low noise: the noise of this product is very low and will not cause additional interference.
3. Automatic shutdown: support automatic shutdown without water, plug USB power supply, safe and reliable.
4. Convenient charging: car charger, PC, laptop, mobile power supply, etc. can be easily charged.
5. Beautiful: This product is made of exquisite technology with fashionable and beautiful appearance.
The humidifier is suitable for spa, bedroom, living room, bathroom, yoga room, massage place, office, reception area, etc
Timing spraying length: 5 hours
Regular spray: 5 hours.
Water tank capacity: 420 ml
Product material: ABS + PP + silica gel
Product size: 80 * 80 * 148mm
Operating power: 1.5W
Package contains:
1 * humidifier