Automatic Water Gun Children's Electric Water Gun Continuous Fire Automatic Water Absorption Toy Water Grab

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750ML tank filled in 12 seconds: Push the trigger forward to turn on the automatic water injection integrated pump will automatically fill the water tank in 12 seconds Fill the water tank can shoot 50 times.
The innovative design of the precision shooting burst mode, get rid of the traditional pull-and-pull launch, and enjoy the fun of playing with the water. Instead of firing with spray, fire "water bombs". And combine distance with precision
(Air pressurized long-range shooting): one key press, constant pressure range generally up to 7.5 meters. Each firing takes 1 second apart, and the booster fire consumes double portions of water each time
Real-time display of water volume and power: The display shows the number of water bullets and the amount of electricity. The percentage of water that is displayed when absorbing water is displayed. A full charge can be used for 50 water injections
Safety material resistant to fall and pedal: select environmentally friendly ABS, high toughness material safe and odorless, textured rubber handle, provides good grip in wet conditions. The rugged shell provides strong durability even in crazy water
"Each one is equipped with goggles + charging line
water toy category: water gun
ability training: vision, intellectual development, manual brain, hand-eye coordination, interactive toys, parent-child communication
product parameters
Product name: electric water gun
battery: 2000MAH
charging time: 4 hours
range distance: 15m
filling time: 12s (seconds)
display: power and water amount
stand-alone gross weight: 2.340kg
Stand-alone size: "61*13*7.5CM
water tank capacity: 750ml
Maximum range: 7.5m
Full bullet number: 25 water bomb
Battery: full power 50 times water injection.