Children Smart Watch Kids Phone Watch Smartwatch For Boys Girls Dual Camera Learning Games Location Tracker Xmas Gift

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1. Children's music game smart Watch: Children's smart watch can listen to music and stimulate children's interests and hobbies. There are also 14 puzzle games on the clock. These games are more playable and can effectively exercise children's logical thinking ability, reaction ability and hand eye coordination ability. When a child is tired of learning, she can also relax her brain appropriately.
2. Dual cameras and wallpaper: the children's smart watch has two 300000 pixel cameras. You can not only switch cameras in the preview interface, but also select photo stickers. Therefore, children can easily take clear photos and videos and record their every moment. This durable watch has powerful storage function and can store multiple photos and videos. Children can set their favorite wallpapers and switch between a total of ten wallpapers and dial.
3. Multi in one children's watch: Children's smart watch is equipped with everything required by smart watch. Such as games, music, camera,