children's watch smart Kids GPS 4G waterproof boys With Sim Card Photo Waterproof IP67 Kids Gift For IOS Android Z5S

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1. 4G HD video call, HD pixels, watching children at any time.
2. Small} robot, intelligent voice interaction. Answer any questions your child has.
3. GPS, WiFi, LBS, camera positioning, RDP inertia, acceleration sensor, gravity sensing.
4. Support WiFi Internet access and don't worry about traffic.
5. 680mah high-capacity battery, ultra long standby. 6.4G
Network version: GPS + WiFi + lbs positioning, more accurate positioning
7.4g network version: 4G network, voice video call, voice call, remote monitoring, Wi-Fi internet access, LTE GPRS data, faster and more stable connection
8. Support wechat video call, pixel: 30W
9 IP67 waterproof design (! Please do not use it in hot / sea water, hot shower, swimming or diving)
10. 1.33 inch HD color touch screen, fully fitted with IPS display screen, anti burst, anti fall, anti scratch, waterproof, dustproof, 240 * 240 resolution;
11. The watch supports the health monitoring pedometer, so that children can have a safe and