Dueling Blade Lightsaber RGB LED Color Changing Soundfonts Metal Handle Light Saber Blaster Lock Up FOC Halloween Toys

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12 colors and 6 sound fonts to change

Removable PC blade -  Using the hexagon wrench to loosen the screws in the hilt

Strong enough to duel -  High quality PC blade and aluminum alloy hilt

Flash on clash(FOC) -  Flash white and emit a sound when it hits something

Chargeable - Using the USB charge cord to charge and the battery can be removed

Double lightsabers -  Can attach another lightsaber to the pommel (only part of our products, and the others need one particular connector)


1. Press the button for 3second to awaken the lightsaber from deep sleep mode.



2. Turn ON: Press the button for 1second. Turn OFF: Press the button for 4second. Deep sleep mode: Press the button for 10second.



When Lightsaber Is ON



1.Lightsaber effects



Blaster : Tap the button.



Lock up loop: Press the button for 1second and release your finger. Then press the button to active lock up. Press again to end the lock up loop.



Flash-on-clash(FOC): The lightsaber will automatically flash white and emit a sound when it hits something.



2.Selecting Colors:



Method 1: Click Color Change



Press the button for 3second and release your finger, Click button to change color.



Method 2: Infinite Color Change



Press the button for 2second and release your finger. Press the button again to changing colors. Release your finger to select the colors you prefer. And press button again to end the color changing loop. If you press the button again, it will still change colors.



3.Sound Fonts Change:



When the lightsaber is OFF, press the butto for 2second to change sound fonts.



Repeat to cycle through the sound fonts. Each sound font has a different confirmation sound.



4.Volume adjustment



When the lightsaber is OFF, press the button for 1second to adjustment volume.







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