Cosplay Lightsaber Jedi Light Sound Led Red Green Blue Saber laser Metal Sword Toys Birthday Gifts Game

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Material: Metal(handle), pvc(blade)
SIZE:Handle 25cm. blade 75cm,total length 100cm 
Handle color:  silvery,Black, gold
Lamp color: Red,  blue, green, pink,orange
Light: 12W Super bright LED lamp 
Charging: USB fast charging
voltage:5V 1A,pls dont use higher voltage,it will damage the battery
Sound effect: V2.5 sound chip
16 colour RGB:you can change the colour you like by press button three times


1  .The handle and blade can be moved,Pictures of dismantling products contact customer service personnel  
2.The tube is very strong and can be used for struggle. If the pipe is broken, you can buy it back here. 
3.How to play :
Boot: only press on once.
Shutdown: only press once to shut down.
Switch flash mode in the state of starting up: press 2 times to switch flash mode/ordinary light mode.
Switching mode in the state of shutdown: long time by 2 seconds to switch with sound/no sound.
  •  In the state of shutdown, there is no voice prompt when switching to silent mode.
  • In the state of shutdown, when switching to audio mode, there is a voice prompt.