Electric Fascia Gun Relieves Pain and Relaxes Muscles Deep Massage Fitness Equipment Physical Therapy Neck Body Massager

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describe: Product color: black/blue/champagne gold Product size: 24*23*7cm Packing size: 28.5*27.5*7.5cm Product net weight: 0.92kg Product gross weight: 1.45kg Battery capacity: 2500mAh Massage modes: 4 types Massage intensity: 6 levels Number of massage heads: 12 Rated power: 25W Rated voltage: 7.4V Three principles: Blueidea Fascia Gun Deep Percussion Therapy combines scientific research results with 11mm amplitude, frequency and thrust, which are the three basic elements to relieve pain, improve mobility and accelerate recovery. Blueidea uses the above three principles to activate muscle groups more deeply. power level: Level 1 muscle activation 2 levels of muscle relaxation Level 3 decomposition 4 Deep massage Level 5 professional massage 6 levels of deep physiotherapy What is a fascia gun? What is the popular fascia gun in the fitness circle? Fascia is an important tissue that wraps muscles and connects bones and internal organs. Exercise or poor posture can cause rupture and damage of the fascia a