Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser with flame night light

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"Technical Specifications:
Rated Voltage: DC5V
Rated Power: 10W
Water Tank Capacity: 200mL
Atomization Amount: 15-25mL/hr
Timing Setting: 60 minutes, 180 minutes, 360
minutes Implementation Standard: GB4706.1-2005; GB4706.48-2009
1. If it is the first-time use, please unplug the insulation sheet on the remote control.
2. If you need to add water, the remote control needs to be unplugged from the shell before the shell can be opened.
3. Open the shell to prepare to add water.
4. The water filling position needs to be added according to the specified location.
5. The maximum water volume is 200 ml, or the indicator money that cannot exceed the maximum water level will be exceeded, otherwise it will affect the atomization effect or leak and cause damage to the machine.
6. Plug in the supplied power cord, Type-C, 2A, if you use the substitute power cord, you must inject the current specification of 2A, otherwise it will affect the atomization effect