Fitness Equipment Fitness Detachable Hula Hoop

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feature: 1. Suitable for men, women and children. Suitable for tightening the waist and turning the waist for a long time without falling off. 2. It can be used for multiple purposes, for postpartum recovery, sedentary office work, and also suitable for sports enthusiasts. 3. It can quickly consume body fat and eliminate fatigue. Suggest 4. It can be composed of parts that can increase or decrease the number of slides on the main body to adapt to the waist circumference. Specification: -Material: ABS -Color: pink/purple -Maximum diameter: 45cm -Small ball size: 11*7*7cm; rope length: 11cm -24 sections suitable for waist circumference less than 130cm pack Hula hoop and free screwdriver packing list: as the picture shows