Light Saber 16-Color Rgb Version, Realistic Shockwave And 3 Mode Sounds, Metal Aluminum Sword, Rechargeable Force Fx Duel

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duel lightsaber
inspired by the movie's bone lovers, suitable for role-playing, duel ingress, and creating your complete dream of a movie hero.
If you're a movie buff, it's definitely not going to disappoint you.
FX Movie Sound
simulate the sound of a movie and let you enjoy the thrill of the battle. When you have different battle moves and hits, it makes a different sound.
aluminum handle
when you hold it, it will excite you because of its smooth metal handle. When you wave it, it's like a real sword.
the glowing blade
turn on the light button, you can change the battle feeling more realistic.
high-quality PC blades
high quality and can be spent on long periods of time. You mustn't lose your mistakes or crazy. It will make all your toys proud.
once something goes wrong with your scissors, try the following.
1. The sword has no sound, please try to press and hold the button to change the model, the sword has silent mode. Then the sword will work.
2. Cannot be opened when you get the sword. Use a premium 2AMP wall charger to charge the sword for about 4 hours and try again, and it will work properly.
3. If you have any problems, please contact us first. You can send us an email on Amazon or email us to You can also follow us and send us messages via Facebook and Ydsaber, and we'll provide you with the best after-sales service and fixes. May strength be with you.
lifetime guarantee for each product.
sound: three sets of loud fonts with mute function and shockwave
skirt color: as shown
blade color: RGB (red, blue, green, pink, white...
blade size: 3mm thickness 92-length blade