Heated Jacket Fashion Men Women Coat Intelligent USB Electric Heating Thermal Warm Clothes Winter Heated Vest Plussize

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"*1.9 heating area: back, neck, shoulder, waist and both sides of abdomen. When electrified, the whole body can feel warm.
*2.1 minutes quick heating, dispersing cold and keeping warm.
*3. Set the temperature you want to deal with various environments.
*4. One key heating, three gear temperature control and intelligent heating.
*5. Machine washable and hand washable. Do not screw it by hand.
*6. Universal USB interface power supply, longer service life, anti splash and washable.
*7. It is fashionable, warm, comfortable and breathable. It is a good partner for you to go out in winter.
1. Style: sleeveless vest
2. Material: Polyester
3. Color: Black / blue