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1. Multiple heating zones and three temperature adjustments: carbon fiber heating elements generate heat at the waist, abdomen and upper back; One key for 3 heating settings.
2. USB charging: convenient charging. Always connect 5v2a mobile power supply (this product does not include mobile power supply). The mobile power supply needs to be removed during washing.
3. Safety and health: far infrared heating is only 5V, which is far lower than the human body safety voltage of 36V. Stable heat and body safety voltage. Suitable for better heating of abdominal and lumbar areas.
4. Large area heating: multiple heaters are built in the electric vest, which has the function of promoting blood circulation and heating. It can not only warm the stomach, waist and waist, but also promote blood circulation.
5. Wide range of applications: this heating vest is very suitable for outdoor skiing, winter fishing, mountain biking, cycling, camping, snow hiking, hunting, outdoor attendance, winter street,