IQ Brain Teaser Kong Ming Lock 3D Wooden Interlocking Burr Puzzles Game Toy Bamboo Small Size For Adults Kids S09

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"Gender: male and female
Age range: & gt;; 6 years old
Material: Wood
Puzzle style: normal
Style: smart chessboard / Puzzle
1. These puzzles are suitable for adults and children.
2. Unique and special wooden brain turn puzzle.
3. This puzzle may seem simple, but it contains many mysteries.
4. It is usually easy to disassemble and difficult to reassemble.
5. This is the best game to develop intelligence and improve logical thinking,
Imagination and exploration, as well as relieving stress and cultivating patience.
6. It can not only improve your ability, but even an extraordinary plan!
7. Ancient Chinese wisdom, ancient ancestral locks, you can do it in a second, and so can others
Not an hour, not even a day.
8. Educational toys have become a popular toy because they have the function of relaxing the body and mind,
Improve intelligence and make fingers more flexible.
Enjoy these educational toys!!! If you have problems fixing them, please contact
With my guida