Ironing machine handheld portable wet and dry green

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1. This handheld ironing machine is a wet and dry ironing combination, one key spray water. Large titanium panel and front tip design for more comprehensive ironing. Iron at 150°C to instantly smooth the folds of clothing.
2. Ironing is fast and efficient. Clothing quickly becomes smooth and neat without delay.
3. Can iron all kinds of fabrics, such as silk, nylon, fiber, flannel, wool, silk, etc
. 4. Transparent visual water tank and fuselage integrated design, convenient for you to observe the remaining amount of water at any time to add water.
5. The compact machine can be placed in drawers, suitcases and other places, which is convenient for home storage and easy to carry when traveling.
Material: ABS+ Metal
Size: 18*8*8.4cm
Rated Voltage: 220V
Rated Power: 30W
Water Tank Capacity: 80ML
Temperature: 150°C Constant Temperature Ironing
Packing List:
1* Electric Iron Steamer
1* Measuring Cup
1* User Manual
1* Packaging Box"