Kitchen Storage Handheld Mini Electric Heat Sealing ABS Plastic Food Package Bag Clip Tool Snacks Bag Packing Sealer Machine

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describe: 100% brand new and high quality Simple and convenient to use and store, very suitable for family use. Perfectly reseal unused food parts to keep food fresh. It only needs to slide it along the edge of any bag, and it does not leak. Moisture-proof. strong and sturdy Material: ABS+Stainless steel Product size: 3.5*1.5*2.3 inches (9*4*6CM) Color: white/pink Power supply: 2*AA batteries (not included) Scope of application: Fresh plastic bag Plastic bag snack bag Composite bag Specification: 1. The dried fruit tea after opening is generally only eaten a small portion at a time. Snacks cannot be eaten at a time. These products are easy to be damp, and become soft after being damp, which will affect the taste. Throwing away will cause food waste, especially snacks, biscuits and other puffed foods. 2. Since the freshly packaged fruits have different shapes and are not easy to tie, a sealing machine is needed, which can keep the fruits fresh and mildew-proof with only a little space. 3. You can’t e