Lightsaber, 11 Color Variable Metallic Aluminum Hilt Lightsaber With 3 Mode Sound Force Fx Duel Lightsaber Black (85cm - Rgb)

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Note: Charging voltage: 5V1A. The metal handle is made of aluminum alloy and has a comfortable grip and nice polishing. Blade material is a high quality PC material. It has a good weight on its hands and is very strong. The total length is about 85 cm after assembly.Each set has the sound effect of the switch machine, standby (background) sound effect, sword effect, switching sound effect, low power sound effect volume adjustment and mute mode, memory function, vibration effect and charging effect.(LED lifelike lightsaber) LED lightsabers are bright and the color fills the room very well. The leader also changes 11 different colors (cold/white/blood/red/red/orange/yellow/green/blue/ice-blue/purple/pink/cyan) and when you turn on the light button, you will feel a more realistic sense of fighting about itSwords with flame mode, full light mode, high and low brightness adjustment, breathing mode, heartbeat mode, flashing mode, explosive flicker mode spelling sword: support duel, let you step into real movies, be