luminous sound toy gift cosplay toy lightsaber RGB color change (knurled craft golden handle)

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(RGB color change model) Long press the button to enter the mode switching state, press three times in quick succession to switch the light background color. There are 18 kinds of background colors. Switching background colors must be in multi-color modeKey operation function: short press, the lamp head flashes once, click fencing, double-click quickly, enter the strong strike mode, the motor keeps vibrating, the light is extremely cold, and then short press again to exit the strong strike mode. Strike the blade or turn the blade left and right, there will be different sound effects output. In the working mode, long press the button for 4 seconds to enter the shutdown mode, which will be accompanied by the sound effect of the machine.Sound effects of FX movies: Simulate the sound of movies, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of fighting. Sound and lighting effect feedback during the duel. The lightsaber has three different sound fonts and silent modes, the sound is very strong and loud, and it is also equipped