LightSaber Sword Stick Force Heavy Dueling Led Lightsaber With Foc Lock Up Metal Hilt Blaster Sound Adult Pk Metal Toys Props

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Note: Charge with computer USB port or output 5V1A charging!

When you buy 2 pieces, suggest you buy connectors

Material of hilt: Aluminium alloy 6061                        
Material of blade: Removable PC (Poly Carbonate)
Size of hilt: 39cm                                          
Size of blade: 2.5cm ,long 70cm blade
Light: 10-12watts LED                                    
Speaker: 2watts 4oh
Battery capacity 2200-3200mah
Sound: Five set loud sound fonts plus mute function and blaster
Color of hilt: Like Picture                            
Color of blade: Red/Blue/Green                            
Features: FOC, Lock-up, Blaster can adjust voice and brightness Can join two pcs into one double blade lightsaber with coupler.
Included in packing: USB charging cord*1, Lightsaber*1

Technical Parameter
Charging time:2-4hours                   
Charging Voltage:5V(MAX)
Battery:18650 3.7V Battery 2000mah        
LED: 12Watts LED
Materials:Hilt made by Frosted Aluminium alloy.blade made by Light Diffusion PC

1.The lightsaber support dueling.Has flash on clash and blaster mode.
2.Ultra loud sound and high light.
3.The blade can be removed.Please do not open or take down the hilt of lightsaber.
4.Not waterproof.Please charge the saber at least one time of each month.

1.Short press to turn on the lightsaber, long press for four seconds to turn off the lightsaber.
2.When saber is on, short press to change seven kinds of light mode.
3.Holding button for 2 seconds and release the button to turn on or turn off lock-up.When saber is on lock-up,short press to change lock-up mode.
4.When saber is on,long press for 3 seconds and release the button to adjust the volume.
5.When saber is off,long press for 2 seconds to change sound fonts.
7.When saber is off,long press for 3 seconds to turn off/on sound.

Failure processing method
1.Saber can't on:Use 2A good quality wall charger to charge the saber whole night.
2.Saber dead:We will offer you fast and great after-service if you contact us.

1.Children under 5years old no playing!
2.Only for fun!Ban violent!
3.Please use our charging cable to charger the saber first.
4.Good quality 2AMP wall charger can charge fast.
5.If saber no sound long press button to activate sound when saber off.
6.The wrinkle inside the blade is normal use for spreading light.