Lightsaber Metal Hilt Small Cross Light Saber Force FX Heavy Dueling LED Lightsaber with FOC Lock Up Luminous Toys

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Handle material: aluminum alloy 6061

Blade Material: Detachable PC (Polycarbonate)

Handle size: 25cm

Blade size: 1.5mm thick 77cm long (OD22mm) blade

Lamp: 5W YDD High Light LED + 1W YDD High Light LED

Speaker: 2 watts 4 ohms

Battery: Built-in 2000mah 18650 3.7V battery

Sound: A set of loud fonts plus a mute function and shockwave

Color or handle: silver, black

Blade color: Monochromatic highlight, 6 colors optional.

(Red, Green, Blue, Ice Blue, Orange, Pink/Purple)

Working time: 35-50 minutes / fully charged

Charging time: 5-6 hours

Features: Shockwave, Lock, Color, Flash on collision. A set of sound fonts plus mute.

Shelf life: three months


1. Lightsaber supports duels. Clash and Shock modes have flash.

2. Super loud sound and high brightness.

3. The blade is removable. Please do not open or remove the hilt of the lightsaber.

4. Not waterproof. Please charge the saber at least once a month