Montessori Wooden Toy 3D Jigsaw Bar Puzzles Children's Creative Story Stacking Matching Puzzle Early Educational Toys 2

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"Spatial intelligent three-dimensional puzzles can cultivate children's ability to understand lines, shapes and forms, and understand the meaning of space through their brain and eyes.
Type: Jigsaw Puzzle material: wooden package: 1 piece (double-sided) size: 18 * 12cm ` + 4-5mm thin (style 1-16) 22.4 * 14.7cm + 3mm thin (style 17-20) please note that it is double-sided jigsaw puzzle, not separate jigsaw puzzle. Recommended age: 13-24m
Gender: male and female
Material: Wood
Jigsaw puzzle style: Tangram / jigsaw puzzle
Style: smart chessboard / Puzzle
Package: 1 piece (double-sided)
Size: 18 * 12 * cm