Rechargeable Acupoint Massager Electric Wireless Cervical Spine Massage Equipment

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feature: 1. The massage stick has strong structure, strong toughness and better impact resistance 2. The massage head uses antibacterial, skin-friendly and environmentally friendly silica gel. 3. The surface is delicate and flexible, making the massage experience softer and more comfortable 4. The massage stick is powered by a polymer lithium battery and has an Android Micro USB charging port. 5. Plug the charger into the power outlet and charge for about 3 hours. 6. Turn off after 5 minutes of turning on the machine. If you need to use it again, please wait 5 minutes before using it again. 7. Travel lock function Application scope of head massager: 1. An office that faces computers for a long time. 2. Maintain the same posture for a long time. 3. Nervousness, insomnia, and dreaming. 4. Stiff neck and shoulders, muscle fatigue. 5. Neck and shoulder pain, hand numbness. Specification: Material: ABS+silicone Power supply: 100-240V Input: 5V-1A Power: 5W White color Net weight: 0.4kg Gross weight: 0.6kg Produc